To ensure efficient communication processes throughout the project and to increase outreach and impact of the results, the project will;

  • Make BestPracticeHens and its results known to stakeholders (mainly addressed to poultry farmers and advisors, but also useful for veterinarians, decision makers and politicians, agri-food chain players, etc.)
  • Disseminate the project results in appropriate formats and through dissemination channels suitable for each stakeholder to ensure optimum and rapid utilization of the project deliverables by all stakeholders (videos, factsheets and best practices).

To reach this objective, several materials will be developed that you will find below:

Practice Abstracts
Welfare Protocol
Project Flyer
Final Deliverables

Practice Abstracts

Laying Hens and Pullets



Welfare Protocol

Introductory video

Practical welfare assessment for pullet and laying hen commercial flocks

Smartphone videos

Enrichement for laying hens and pullets

Drinking and Feeding equipment

Project Flyer

Download the project flyer that contains a summary of the BestPracticeHens project



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